How Seriously are we taking COVID-19 at Heilman Chiropractic?

(Our effort to protect our patients and staff from all viruses and contagious infections.)

Step 1: If you have any symptoms of any virus – coughing, fever, – you know the symptoms – Please let us know and we will re-schedule your appointment.

Step 2: We have special hand sanitizers available at our sign in station and check out stations. These are 70% rubbing alcohol and have aloe and Vitamin E….so they kill the cooties without drying out your skin. We selected this specific manufacturer that designs products for health care workers, so we know it is the effective stuff.

Step 3: We are wearing face masks and recommend that you do too. We won’t mask shame you if you come in without a mask, but we will offer you a free disposable one to use. If you can’t wear a mask because of personal health reasons – just let us know – we are really going to be nice about it.

Step 4. Frequent hand washing. Before and after each patient treatment – I am thoroughly washing my hands with soap and water. We would love to find out that before you came into our office – that you washed your hands too, and encourage you to do the same when you leave. Don’t just rely on hand sanitizers – the thorough hand washing works the best.

Step 5. We have really gotten thorough with scrubbing down our therapy tables with soap and water and a disinfecting spray between patients. We will let you know when the table is prepped and ready – please be patient – it will take an extra two minutes for the solution to be thoroughly dry.

Step 6. Throughout the day – we disinfect frequently contacted surfaces like doorknobs, countertops, and hand rests throughout the office.

Step 7. Air Purification: Every evening our office gets a Two-hour air sanitation using an industrial ozone generator. This kills all airborne bacteria and viruses and freshens up the air for the next day.

We are taking your health and safety very seriously and want everyone to feel safe during their treatments. We cringe in the wording “new normal” but we do believe that the steps that we have taken are a good policy, and can keep us safer.


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