Have you recently been involved in a car accident and are seeking treatment? If so, Dr. Stephen Heilman of Heilman Chiropractic is regarded as an expert in the management and treatment in the various types of needs that these injuries require. Injuries such as neck pain, herniated disc, whiplash, shoulder pain, upper / middle / and lower back pain, wrist and elbow pain, headaches, concussion evaluation, and the multitude of other injuries that are common in these types of injuries not only require effective treatment, however they also need the appropriate documentation and medical/legal experience to navigate the complexities of the insurance company (they will not leave you in good hands and they are not on your side) policies.

Since we feature in office Digital X-Ray (like you would find in the hospital setting) we can view your skeletal xray images within seconds of taking the study. We have experienced medical and chiropractic spinal radiologists to give second opinions and to perform “Computerized Radiological Spinal Mensuration aka CRMA” if needed. This is performed in conjunction with Computerized range of motion measurements, and computerized muscle strength testing to satisfy any “objective findings” that are required to prove the potential soft tissue injuries of a case and to determine IF the soft tissue injuries are more severe ligament damage or failure from the trauma. We do work with “personal injury liens and insurance claims” when needed. We do provide an honest assessment of your injuries to help you determine the best potential for treatment whether with therapies available in our office or if a necessary referral is required.

Dr. Stephen Heilman has advanced training that very few Chiropractors have achieved in the Auto accident collision “medical legal arena”:

  • Spine Research Institute of San Diego Advanced Certification
  • Personal Injury Institute Advanced Documentation Protocols in Trauma
  • Personal Injury Institute Collosus Training and Bodily Injury Training and Diagnosis