Want Relief From Neuropathy or Shingles?

If you’re suffering from a medical condition called Peripheral Neuropathy and you’re ready to STOP the PAIN, make sure you read this. Peripheral Neuropathy is a terrible disease that is misdiagnosed by a lot of the medical community.

So What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?
Peripheral Neuropathy refers to a disease that results when your nerves, the ones that connect to your brain and spinal cord are damaged and diseased from a loss of blood supply.

Who is Affected by Peripheral Neuropathy (PN)? 
Unfortunately, PN affects millions of people every year and the incidence of peripheral neuropathy is actually getting worse. The symptoms for this disease are NOT easily spotted if the doctor is not on their toes and he misdiagnoses it. The reason? There are over 100 different types of peripheral neuropathy.

What Are The Symptoms of PN?
You can have any number of symptoms. These symptoms are related to the type of nerve affected and can be seen over a period of weeks, or even years. Muscle Weakness and Numbness is the most common symptom of nerve damage. Other symptoms may include:  cold feet, tingling sensations (feet always going to sleep), burning sensations (like walking on hot charcoals), stinging wasps sensation, feeling like your foot is wrapped in leather, painful cramps and uncontrolled muscle twitching visible under the skin, muscle loss, bone degeneration, and changes in the skin, hair, and nails. These more general degenerative changes can result from nerve fiber loss.

What Causes It?
Diabetes, Vitamin deficiencies, Statin Drugs, alcoholism, nerve toxins, shingles, AIDS, heredity, cancer therapy drugs, even a severe trauma or injury, just to name a few.

So What Can You Do About It?
If you’re at the end of your rope and you’re tired of spending money on medical care with little or no results, call me today. I’ll discuss your full medical history and complete all the necessary exams. I’m going to tell you what your problem is, what it’s stemming from, and how to take care of it. But you finally have to make up your mind that you want to get some help.

If you have ever had symptoms like:

  •       Numbness and or Tingling
  •       Swelling in the feet or hands, lower arm or lower leg
  •       Sharp pains from your back,
  •       Shooting, Electric-like Pains
  •       Pain when Walking,
  •       Muscle Weakness

What Are You Losing?
When you have neuropathy, you lose your strength, your vitality, and you suffer needlessly.  That can change after you start receiving this amazing technology and therapy.  You may be suffering now, but within a few weeks, you can have better balance, less pain, fewer camps, less numbness, and sleep better!

Can You Qualify?
I don’t know if you qualify without examining you.  Most people that come to the office have been told “You just have to learn to Live With It OR It’s Just Part of Getting Old”, but surprisingly, instead of having their hopes smashed again, they get RELIEF.  And all neuropathy patients go through a thorough screening to find out if they qualify.

What Should You Do Next?
Helping people know the best treatment available for them is the best service we provide.  So CALL my office at (760) 480 – 4480 NOW!  Don’t worry you won’t have to make any radical changes in your lifestyle, have surgery, or take any harmful drugs.