A common culprit in wrist and hand pain, but not always the cause and is frequently blamed as the cause of many hand pain conditions.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is specifically wrist pain that travels into the thumb and index finger that is usually caused by a constriction of the median nerve in the wrist.  The constriction of the nerve can be further complicated by another nerve compression in the elbow, shoulder, and between the spinal bones of the neck,  If treatments to the wrist have failed to relieve you of your pain an evaluation by Dr. Heilman can find what other sources of the pain can still remain and develop a course of treatments to give effective relief.  Other types of wrist and hand pain can be a very similar scenario effecting the ulnar nerve (which goes to the pinky and wring finger and part of the middle finger), ganglion cysts, and tendonitis of the thumb and hand.

Median Nerve Injury is shown above compared to Ulnar Nerve Injury

Most of these symptoms are secondary to repetitive hand motion from extensive computer use (keyboard and mouse use), heavy smart phone use, playing video games, knitting, and assembly line work.

The common treatment protocols used in “standard of care” is hand bracing, physical therapy (ultrasound, stretching, hand exercises, cross friction massage), prescriptions for anti-inflammatory medications, occasionally steroid injection and then if those fail the surgery cuts the retinaculum of the wrist to release the constricted tendons which squeeze the nerve.

At Heilman Chiropractic our goal is first to isolate the accurate diagnosis of the pain so that we can focus on appropriate effective care.  We have effective treatments that are non-surgical, provide fast relief with long term results, at a fraction of the cost of other treatment approaches.