Neck pain and / or headaches can be anywhere from an annoying inconvenience all the way to a severe disability. Whether you woke up this morning with a stiff neck or have had a whiplash injury from a car accident or have had pain that has developed over years from old injuries that never healed properly and now have arthritis or degenerated disc disease….Heilman Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression has a proven track record of providing significant pain relief, improved flexibility, and an overall goal to make you feel a lot better.

If you or someone that you care about is suffering with neck pain of headaches, call out office at (760) 480-4480 and get scheduled for a FREE consultation and examination to see if you may be a good candidate Chiropractic adjustments, or if any of our other therapies may be able to help, or in some cases if we need to refer you to a different specialist . If x-rays are needed we can perform the x-rays in office at the same appointment time for a lower cost than an imaging center.