Many people with chronic foot pain will struggle to walk due to every step they take feeling like their foot is bruised, tender, and tight.  If the pain is along the underside of your foot and makes each step a tender or painful experience and over time it either does not go away or is getting worse over time you are likely suffering from plantar fasciitis.  Many people will try to change footwear, buy insoles for their shoes, avoid prolonged standing and eventually stand on the less painful foot like a flamingo. Eventually your medical doctor will either refer you to a physical therapist or a podiatrist.  The physical therapist may run ultrasound and do massage on your foot and give you stretching exercises or tell you to roll a ball under your foot.  The podiatrist will likely fit you with a custom fit orthotic that our common feedback are so hard and unflexible that many patients only use it for a short time OR advise an injection of cortisone steroid to reduce the inflammation.

At Heilman Chiropractic our approach to Plantar Fasciitis foot pain treatment has been shown to decrease the pain severity and improve the function of the foot within a couple visits with High Intensity Laser Therapy combined with Rapid Release Technology High Frequency Vibration Therapy and in many patients completely resolve in 4 – 6 weeks. Our approach would not use injections, pain medications or surgery  and typically the results feature long term results amd would rival the recovery time at a fraction of the cost of “standard of care treatment approach”