Is getting an X-Ray SAFE?

Frequently we encounter patients that are fearful of getting X-rays and think that it can give them cancer. Modern day research has proven that fear to be not necessary, but has also proven the cancer risk to be ZERO, and on top of that – some levels of ionizing radiation from X-rays can even produce a boost to your immune system. Twenty years ago it was taught to consider a medically induced abortion if you had to have an X-ray and now they have discovered no damage to the developing unborn baby and they don’t even use a lead shield to cover the abdomen in pregnant patients. The damage done by this wacky fear by not knowing what the spine was showing by not seeing the skeleton and by guessing what is the matter – rather than by seeing. If you are choosing a chiropractor for the first time – it is why to choose an office that has this valuable diagnostic tool in their office….and don’t be afraid of it….it is safer than you were taught as a child.

See This Article in the New York Times


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