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Chiropractor Escondido California / Neck pain or Back pain treatment options: Chiropractic Adjustments (traditional and or Activator assisted), Spinal Decompression traction, Roller tables, Laser Therapy, Ultrasound, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Soft tissue release. On-site Digital X-ray. FREE neck pain evaluation (no obligation!) by calling Heilman Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression @ (760) 480 – 4480. Many people wonder how much treatment will cost, and that is why I offer a FREE Consultation and Evaluation to determine:

#1 – What type of injury do you have? (Many different types of injuries can cause neck pain ie. muscle sprain / muscle strain, spinal mis-alignment (subluxation), whiplash, disc bulge or slipped disc, or non treatable by us sources of pain such as fractures, cysts or tumors, or spinal cord injuries)
#2 – Do you need an X-Ray – if yes we offer on-site digital X-Ray for reasonable costs.
#3 – Do you need an MRI – if Yes we have referral facilities for lower cost cash or insurance rates.
#4A – Does Dr. Heilman offer the best treatment for your injury and what are the other options?
#4B – If we do not provide that treatment: what is the appropriate referral?
#5 – Is the treatments offered here Safe or will they be effective for you?
#6 – How much it will the treatment cost? Will insurance cover your treatment?

Call (760) 480 – 4480 to get your Neck pain or Back pain Evaluation! Consultations are Always Free!


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