Did you know?

A one-way trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway involves crossing 3,901 bridges.
Not only is the Trans-Siberian Railway the longest railroad in Russia, but it’s also the longest one in the world. The journey takes seven days, during which time passengers pass through eight different time zones and cross 3,901 bridges.
Now compare that to your spine which normally has 26 vertebrae – 7 Cervical, 12 Thoracic and 5 Lumbar, 1 sacrum and 1 coccyx.  Spinal Nerves exit between each and every level – and those nerves create a connection between every muscle, joint, bone, organ, and limb of your body to the brain.  If any of those get irritated by a misaligned spinal vertebra – you are going to experience pain or numbness or some kind of disfunction.  If that’s the case – you need to call the Chiropractor and get some relief – don’t wait.


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